Running Blind by Lee Child

Running Blind by Lee Child
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It was very helpful to learn a few things about Reacher that become relevant in future books, like why he was able to do all the traveling without working.

The plot is pretty solid, and I very much enjoyed the relationship attempt that Reacher makes. I do like the way Lee Child avoids re-telling details in subsequent novels, making it so the reader feels that little nod from the author with regards to the intimate secrets from the past.

The long-winded descriptions make it great for listening to the books while taking a long drive, although every now and then it would be nice to just read “he entered the building” without having to know every detail of the architecture and landscape. If you like the vivid descriptions, Lee Child is a master.

Overall it’s a solid 4+ stars, and not 5 because I found myself saying, “No way Reacher does that” a couple of times.

Totally worth reading though and highly recommended.