The Master of Perceptions Series, his primary fiction work, is an extensive series documenting the life of Hunter Miller, a superhero with a unique ability. It remains a work-in-progress, with fifteen books planned.


This is the first time I’ve ever read anything from Brown, and I must say I’m more impressed with a first book in a series than I have been in a while.

The story unfolds as a mystery does, bit by bit and revealing more answers while raising more questions.

We watch the main character, an autistic kid, grow and flourish into who he really is.

With that being said, the story does start a bit slow. It took a bit to get into the swing of it, but once Brown settled in he took us for the ride we hoped for. The writing is skillful, but could be paced more evenly throughout. Keep with the story, though, it’s well worth your patience once you get past the first bit.

The Sight of Demons is an exemplary story about a boy named Hunter. Hunter is an autistic pre-teen who sees demons all around him that no one else can see. In this story the reader gets to watch Hunter as he comes out into the world and discovers he has a power to see that others don’t and how to harness it. The story is unlike anything I have ever read before. It is hard to describe the way in which the author, Dr. Darin C. Brown, writes from the perspective of a little boy struggling with his world and the ups and downs he takes on his journey. Brown is an excellent writer and the language is intricate and mesmerizing. I loved reading about Hunter and found him a sympathetic character that I became quickly fond of. This is a wonderful story and I cannot wait to see more!

The Sight of Demons by Darin C. Brown is one of the best books I have read this year. It took me back to when I first read A Wrinkle in Time. There is this underdog character named Henry who you can’t help but root for. He has these special powers that reveal themselves in unexpected ways, which he doesn’t fully understand. I held my breath at times just waiting for him to discover what these gift mean. I don’t think I’ve rooted this hard for a character in a long time. This boy undergoes so much suffering and yet blossoms into an incredible person with magical talents beyond anyone’s expectations. The cool thing about this book is it actually makes you wonder if this stuff could be real. The author has a second book as well that follows up on this story and I am so excited to dig in! I give this book my highest review and recommend it to anyone who is looking for something different to sink their literary teeth into!

An intriguing and well-written story An intriguing and well-written story of a boy diagnosed with an extreme form of autism–but we find out it may be something much more than that. This is, in a way, a story of childhood trauma, the power of self will, and the emergence of a new kind of super-hero. Once I caught on, I kind of delighted in the long emergence from the void the young main character experiences, which includes meticulous chess and anatomy lessons taught by his grandfather, and the process of him learning about his abilities. I found the book hypnotic in its deliberate pace, imagery, and attention to detail. I would classify this as a story for teens, but enjoyed it myself as an adult.

This is a very enjoyable tale of the emergence of an autistic child with exceptional talents. Although this shut in boy originally thinks that he is seeing demons, as he fights his way out of his shell and into the real world, he discovers that his sight is much, much more. It is very satisfying to watch him embrace his dangerous abilities.

I started off not knowing exactly where the story was going to take me. As it progressed, I understood, and became truly intrigued.
My criteria of a good story is when I care about the characters, for good or worse, I need to care to be interested. This book does that and I am looking forward to volume 2!

In the beginning I had a hard time getting into the story and following Hunter’s experiences with demons, but as I continued to read the story, I found it intriguing. The book is a well-written story of a boy diagnosed with an extreme form of autism who see demons all around him and has hard time understanding why no one else does. The story started to reveal childhood trauma, it opened my eyes to the power of self will. I began to see the character as a super-hero, as you watch Hunter come into the world and discovers he has powers others don’t have. This is an excellent book for the pre-teen, teen population as well as adults. It provides a detailed look at the world of an autistic boy and how he learns to deal with his disabilities and harness his strength and power.

Interesting and fascinating reading! I want to share my impressions after reading The Sight of Demons by Darin Brown. I really liked to read that book, because the book was written in nice language, and I was able to read it in two days, because my interest with each page raised more and more. It is simply impossible to stop reading.
This book is about an autistic boy with unusual abilities. I believe that in this way the author wanted show a reader how it is to live with such a diagnosis, and the reader could look through the eyes of the boy at the everyday world and understand that it’s different. I liked the author’s style and the characters he described. Highly recommended!

I really enjoyed this book. Interesting characters. I was immediately drawn in as Hunter becomes aware of himself, his surroundings & his possibilities. I truly hope that Darin has a sequel to this so Hunter can find out more of the ‘truths’ of his parentage & capabilities.

Enjoyed being pulled into Hunters world and learning about his abilities. Dr. Browns writing pulls you right into the story. As the pages unfold you just want to keep learning more about hunter and his abilities. If you want a great page turning read this book is for you! Looking forward to seeing how Hunter grows in the next book!

This story isn’t as paranormal as I expected, but it kept me engaged. The mystery of it kept me going. I didn’t want to put it down. There were a few slow spots when the characters were explaining about chess and about the systems of the body, but the story was still intriguing enough to keep my attention. I’m definitely purchasing the second book in this series.

It did take me a little to get into the Sight of Demons, but that might be because I was unsure what it would all be about as I began. It reminded me a little of Dean Koontz’s Odd books, and I enjoyed them so that’s a positive for me. But this is no cheap imitation and Sight of Demons stands proudly as an original work on its own. Plus even after I thought I had got my head around just what was happening there were still secrets to be revealed. No spoilers, but I do recommend giving this one a go for yourself.

From the beginning, I was sucked into Hunter’s world. I just couldn’t believe this highly articulate, obvious intelligent narrator was simply an autistic boy trapped in his own head by demons. I mean, yes, that seems like as realistic an explanation as any of how an autistic child would experience the world. But there had to be more. Was this some kind of scientific experiment that had gone wrong, leaving an adult’s mind in a child’s body? Were the demons aliens, or visitors from another dimension?

Most of all, why were they torturing this poor kid?

As Dr. Brown slowly and skillfully revealed bits and pieces of the truth, and the narration shifted and matured with each revelation, I became more and more attached to Hunter. I felt his pain, his successes, his losses, and his triumphs, and I couldn’t put the book down – I read it in one pleasant Saturday afternoon.

We’re left at the end in a good place. No cliffhanger here (thanks, Doc!), but there is clearly a lot more to the story. I’m eagerly awaiting Book 2.

Fun, Enjoyable, and Intriguing With a Few Intimidating Scenes…

This book started out slow in the beginning and started its momentum later when I grasped its overall concept. It is the story of an autistic young boy by the name of Hunter Miller who has a strange but interesting “condition (or gift?)” of seeing color-coordinated demons around him and other people who don’t even notice them at all. Hunter’s story starts from when he was in his early childhood years to the time he becomes a middle-grader who gets bullied by mean kids slightly older than him. Hunter’s parents are always away and they hire people to come and look after Hunter in case he gets into accidents and such. I guess the intriguing part of this book is the whole demons-around-humans notion. That everybody including Hunter himself has these colors, auras, and supernatural beings surrounding them that Hunter eventually discovers to be associated with their thoughts, feelings, and so and so.

The reason why for the 4 stars in my review is due to a few elements about Hunter’s thoughts (this book is entirely narrated by him) and how they come off as psychotic and a bit weird. One example is when he desperately searches for a sharp tool in his home to open a bottle of pills that his mental health doctor prescribed for him in order to alleviate his bizarre ability of demon-viewing. I mean, just reading his thoughts related to this bloody scene made me feel ickish all over and just want to think happy, safe thoughts. I don’t know, you be the judge yourself when you buy this interesting book. I am just a squirmy bookworm and perhaps you would or wouldn’t relate, haha!

All in all, I will say again that despite that minute complaint of mine, this book was charming. I think any teen or adult reader of YA fiction will love it and its main character. Don’t let the strange frontcover and title fool you. It’s not a horror story, it’s more like a science fiction tale and all. It is also the first installment in author Dr. Darin C. Brown’s Master of Perceptions series. Later!


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